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HGYM 2015

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A beautiful moment of SUBMISSION leading to a beautiful MOVEMENT.  Thanking God and the Great Church Leaders who become a part of our history in giving us a Bishop with a difference…

HG Yuhanon Meletius (HGYM) says, “I was consecrated as the metropolitan of Thrissur diocese that was formed in 1982. The Church was divided then as Patriarch faction and Catholicos faction. Both claimed that they were the original Church. But on June 20th of 1995, the Supreme Court of India on its final verdict on the matter said both are part of the same Church and have to get back together on the basis of the 1934 constitution and with a new Managing Committee that shall be elected for the purpose of administering the community. I accepted the verdict and in 2002 with the Malankara Association held at Parumala, after several questions of clarification on the verdict, the Church was officially united and I became the first ever metropolitan of Thrissur diocese of the united Malankara Church. Today I stand before God after 25 years of my consecration as a humble servant glorifying and thanking Him for all the wonderful blessings He has showered upon me and making me what I am today.


This is a very thin sketch focussing on the Global Ecumenical Journey of HGYM.  Most of the pictures are taken from his online album.  Thirumeni is a person whom I respect and adore for the way he relates, communicates, nourishes and helps many including me in the personal and spiritual formation.  I know him personally from my student days at UTC.  He was doing his MTh when I joined for BD in 1982.  So, he continues to be my friend, Shepherd and a person on whom I bank for my spiritual needs.  I am very proud of him and Congratulate him for all his achievements!

A great and challenging Journey begins…

HGYM Dec 2015HGYM 2

Above Left: HGYM’s Home  Right: HB Baselius Paulose II, then HG Paulose Mar Philexinos Metropolitan ordained him a koruyo  (Deacon) on 30th January 1973.

Below Left:  Priesthood Ordination on 23rd May 1986.  Below Right: Being Consecrated as a Bishop  on 23rd December 1990

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hgym 5

HGYM with his Parents, family and Church dignitaries on return from Damascus after being Consecrated as a Bishop in Dec 1990

  Comrades on the day of the opening of the house

The new young Metropolitan HGYM taking Charge of the Thrissur Diocese seen with his friend and fellow Bishop HG Athanasius

       hgym 7

Gedseemon Orthodox Bishop’s House, the Diocesan Centre in Mannuthy, Thrissur

Changes and Challenges for unity one oneness… continue

hgym 8

hgym 9

They are not falling apart but sharing future vision and mission together.


Thanking God for Your Memorable and Treasured Journey from Home to Thrissur Diocese and beyond serving God and God’s people

hgym 11

Pondering on things that have been achieved and those yet to be?

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hgym 16

hgym 15



Thanking God for your Global Ecumenical Participation and contribution

hgym 17 Ecumenical Meeting of the Orthodox Churches

HGYM at Samoa

MWC Trainers’ Training Event in Samaoa in September 2009


Developing Mission with Children Programme (CWM) at London, UK in 2010


In Nelson Mandela’s home in Soweto, Johannesburg in September 2010


HGYM Presenting a paper in Johannesburg, September 2010

HGYM Family Conf UK 2014

HGYM at the Family Conference UK region of the UK, Europe and Africa Diocese in August 2014


Left: HGYM having an informal discussion with Rev Vernon White,  the Canon Theologian at Westminster Abbey on ‘changing trends in Faith and Witness  in the Youth of the 21st Century and ways we can support them’.  Right:  with Rev Fr George Joy and Rev Canon Vernon White in September 2014

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HGYM Proclaiming Solidarity with Dalit Struggle for Liberation at Orissa in India (2011)


DSC08503hgym 18

HGYM Proclaiming Solidarity with Dalit Struggle for Liberation at the Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, UK (2014)


HGYM Presenting a paper on Dalit Solidarity: A question of Christian Faith at the Parliament House in September 2014

HGYM 2014

We thank YOU for inspiring younger generations and empowering them to go in different directions!

hgym 19 hgym 20  hgym 21


EJ Pic 1

We thank God for your energy and dynamic leadership

utcHGYM 23hgym 27  HGYM 25.jpg


hgym 24

EJ Prof pic Linkedin


We just want to say

Have a very good Day

We’re blessed to have you

Lead us all the way through

A good Shepherd and friend

One who can tend and mend

You  are adored for what you are

By many people near and far

Wishing you a HAPPY Jubilee

As Silver moves toward Gold

Continue to be very bold

To stand for TRUTH to set FREE

All that is bound in history…

  • EJ


WE SEEK YOUR BLESSINGS… as your journey continues, unfolds and blossoms


HGYM Siljub HQ

It was a rugged and hard journey but God, you were with me every step of it, Thank YOU GOD for this bright morn, Continue to LEAD ME ON


I know this is a GREAT MOMENT… I am called and SENT to serve GOD but I am unable to see what is ahead of me…




We deeply appreciate all afflictions that you have suffered and borne for the sake of our CHURCH and its UNITY.  We pray that you see brighter days and fulfill your dreams and visions that reflect God’s LOVE for GOD’s PEOPLE and the WORLD crossing all barriers with convictions.   As you continue to articulate through your life what God has called you for as in the Nazareth Manifesto which clearly outlines Jesus’ MISSION MANDATE, God be with you and BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY. 

On behalf of the UK Ecumenical Desk, I thank you sincerely for all your contributions to the UK, Europe and Africa Diocese right from its inception, for your ecumenical approach and outreach.  We thank God for giving us a Spiritual Leader, Shepherd, mentor and a great friend.  Your very unique contribution as a Bishop to nurture us spiritually by meeting people where they are will go a long way. 

This is just a very thin sketch of your ecumenical journey that I wish to share with a wider world.  Thank you for being such a fine voice of the Indian Orthodox Church in the many Ecumenical events to share with other denominations  the richness of our Faith especially in campaigning and promoting paedo-communion through CWM’s Mission with Children Programme.

23rd Dec 2015